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CEO Peter Pascali laid out some pretty harsh words to manipulators and shorts to reassure shareholders. It’s not often you see something like this. I like it. Knock ’em out Mr. Pascali! And if word gets to you, Gator Traders is more than willing to provide you with as much space as you need to answer questions or dispel whatever rumors you need, interview format or otherwise.

Dear Readers/Posters,

I feel for you all as the market has been rough the past few days. I truly feel for the anguish you must be going through as you try and sift through facts and fiction as manipulators try and persuade you into doing things you may not otherwise do (either buying or selling…does not matter which).

Before I continue, it is important we all understand that stock prices will move up and down and that is OK…that is what they are supposed to do based on market conditions and facts. It is when manipulators on both sides of the market start plying their trade that action is required.

Regretfully my hands are tied as to what I can and cannot say by regulators, and that is not a bad thing, as many others would abuse the opportunity for personal financial gain if it was not so strictly regulated… so we must play by the rules…for the greater good…

However, it has also come to my attention that, on certain other platforms, Neanderthals have emerged from their covid-caves grunting like the intellectuals that they are not. Their only goal seems to be to propagate misinformation by repeating non-truths in the hopes that repeating a lie often enough will somehow make it a truth. All this is done with the confidence that the truth has been hand-cuffed by well-intended regulations…

Not on my watch Neandie…

Here is a challenge to all those troglodytes that feel they have free reign. To those halfwits that don’t have a brain cell among them and think that Pyro is a neighborhood motor oil recycling plant. I challenge them all to take me on in this forum in a live session. Face to face. One on one. Ask me your toughest questions in your most aggressive grunt. Come unmasked or anonymously … it does not matter because you will be leaving the same way no matter which you chose… thoroughly embarrassed, exposed,… and your grunt? Just an octave or two higher than it is now.

This is a real challenge, and any poster that comes upon a manipulator has my permission to convey this same message on my behalf. If they do not take you up on the challenge, then you can be pretty sure you know who speaks the truth…if they do accept the challenge then all doubt will be removed.

My dear posters/readers, this is not for me. I am confident in what I say and in the strategy we are executing. This is 110% for you. It is the least a CEO can do under the circumstances.

Hope that Helps,


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Pretty strong words, really. The confidence that the CEO is showing here is pretty telling that he sincerely believes in his company and his products. It’s time to really start digging into PYR and find out why. I’ll be making some more posts soon about this company. I believe it is one to watch. I’m excited to see where PYR goes in the near future!

What do you think, Gators? Let me know in the comments!