Gator Traders LLC is proud to announce the launch of the new website!  I’m definitely hoping you like the layout, functionality, and its evolution into what I desire it to be.  I want this resource to be a tool that you can use to beat the Street and make money while managing risk as a retail trader.  After all, I’m looking to do the same thing.  I’m not a pro and I’m in your shoes.  We need all the good resources and information we can get.

Along with the website, Gator Traders is launching a few new services.

These services are designed to pack your inbox with good, actionable data delivered in a timely fashion, hot charts indicating a potential surge in price action and momentum, good technical analysis techniques and tutorials, and to help you look GOOD doing it.

Yes, that means a merchandise line is coming in the next week or so.  I’m waiting on some sample products to be delivered to my house to make sure the quality is up to spec prior to putting it on the market.

Some other features and services that you can expect:

Gator Traders LIVE 

I will be hosting a weekly show going over the charts, any new catalysts (or upcoming catalysts) for a list of favorite stocks.  These stocks can be viewed by clicking right here and will be covered in detail each week.  The idea is not to cover these with crazy bullish bias, but rather to interpret what the price is going to do according to the chart and to keep a lens on context for price action based on upcoming catalysts to keep you prepared (if you’re investing or deciding whether to invest in these companies.)  Remember, I do not give buy or sell signals and I am not attempting  to convince you that you should do anything at all.  That’s not the way that I roll.  I will, however, share my interpretation and understanding of what I’m seeing with these companies.  Do what you will with the info…at least you’ll be informed!  This will be a free show recorded weekly via Zoom on my Discord Server and released onto YouTube on Sundays.

Eye on the Spy

Eye on the SPY will be a weekly recorded show, released on Sundays to give you an idea of what SPY is doing.  SPY is one of the most important tickers on the planet and it’s status can directly impact nearly everything else.  Knowing what it might do and how it might move through price and time on the charts can arm you with invaluable data that can help you in your trading.  I personally have no position in the SPY and do not intend to take one.  You’ll be getting a completely unbiased take on whether one of the world’s most important tickers is going up or down and how much….and WHEN.  This should be a great series for those wanting to to look into the underlying mood of the market.  Remember though, correlation does not equal causation!  Stay tuned for another series coming soon called Track the DAQ which will feature the NasDaq 100

Gator Traders Newsletter

If you ever wanted hot charts directly from my personal watchlist with risk management, entry, and exit targets, coupon codes for the upcoming merchandise line or Discord Premium membership, each and every featured blog article written here on the Gator Traders Blog, a breakdown of the catalysts affecting Gator Trader’s Favorites, technical analysis tutorials and techniques….well you’re in luck.  Gator Traders LLC is now providing a weekly newsletter that will include all of the above for $15 per month.  This will be a value packed addition to Gator Traders’ services designed to keep you informed, engaged, and locked onto your goals as a trader.  Even if you don’t play in the stocks that I’m playing, there will be much that can be learned and gained from this new newsletter and can keep you plugged into what you’re favorite stock trading redneck is excited about. Subscribe here now!


There’s more coming.  These updates are immediate starting this week on the flashy new website.  Merchandise, including the long awaited and highly anticipated Gator Traders MVIS MAFIA hoodie, is coming as soon as I get my samples back and I verify that they are the right quality.  Expect a ton of merchandise and options!  You’ll be able to deck your entire house out in Gator Traders swag if that’s your thing.

There’s more coming and this entire operation will continue to evolve here on the website, on YouTube, and on Discord Premium.

I’m excited that we’ve made it this far.  I’m most excited about getting back to blogging about some great companies, charts, and techniques.

I can’t wait to see where this road takes us…preferably in brand new lambos.  #SlagPattern to the mooooon!

Thank you for all that you do to support Gator Traders.  Take care and God Bless!