Hello Gators!

I want to apologize being late to the party with this news. I did not want to force out a ton of content while the new website was being setup and built.

On 28 April Cielo put out an update on their desulfurization equipment progress here.

The company is keeping it’s promises and remains on track to the goal of continuous production.

Currently, as far as I know, Cielo is only able to make low sulfur diesel in batches, not continuous flow. Continuous flow is the key to Cielo’s success when it comes to creating low sulfur diesel. The renewable low sulfur content diesel is what is required by the United States and Canada for ‘on-road’ equipment like commercial and personal vehicles. If the company is successful in creating the low sulfur diesel it will open up a ton of possible revenue streams in the renewable energy space.

While Cielo is busy putting together a system that could do great things for the environment and energy independence, it somehow got poop on it’s shoe. Yes…a short seller ‘research firm’ who decided to use a similar name as Will Ferrell did in “Step Brothers” and managed to call price action incorrectly DURING THE COVID CRASH has decided to make Cielo a target. When everything was having seizures on the market, these geniuses managed to go after companies that recovered quite nicely and quickly. Needless to say, there isn’t much to worry about here. Just another hemorrhoid of the investing world.

Fact is, the company continues to deliver on its promises.  As far as an investor should be concerned, that’s all that is needed here for exponential growth.