Well, this was one majorly boring event, to say the least.  I’d love to go on and have something worth talking about…but it would seem as though MVIS doesn’t want many people talking about much these days.

One interesting note was that the CEO, Sumit Sharma, mentioned the infamous 2017 customer and the military in the same sentence.  Until I have a transcript, I’m going to stay away from trying to directly quote or put it all into context.

I can tell you that the first thing that comes to mind when I hear 2017 customer and military together is IVAS.

If you recall, I wrote a post not too long ago about IVAS.  This potential admission of inclusion in the cutting edge war fighting device is pretty big.  It hints at a potential major fundamental driver for MVIS.  aka revenue and sales.  Check it out here  .   This is also a nod toward major validation of the tech in general.  Again, I don’t want to put too much out there without direct quotes and context, but I do think that there is significance in this statement that should be studied and talked about.

There wasn’t much on the LiDAR front other than what MVIS believes the tech can do.  I understand their caution about wanting to be careful with what information they put out, but honestly I’m less than impressed (again.)  If I invite you to my house and you tell me the that you need to use the restroom, I’m not going to respond with “It’s down the hall to the left.  I believe the toilet works.”  Either it does or it doesn’t.  I want to see more conviction from MVIS in this vertical.  On one hand, they call it ‘best in class’ and on the other, ‘we believe’ it can do these impressive technological feats.  I’m underwhelmed, personally.

It does look like that, as of May 26th, I won’t get my massive May rally that I talked about here.  The pattern is still alive and MVIS is still seemingly trapped in the horizontal trading range therefore the price target is still good.  It does, however, look like we might have to turn to the monthly chart to get a better read on when this might pop off and move towards $36.  This play can drag on for quite awhile.  We’ll touch on that on this week’s episode (first episode) of Gator Traders LIVE.  I’m planning to record either Friday or Saturday live with my discord members (free and premium invited) and post the video to YouTube on Sunday.

If you want a chance to ask questions, offer opinions, or whatever then stay tuned.  I’ll be making the announcement in discord soon.

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Update:  Transcript available here                      “All this is built upon the high reliability of our technology that has allowed our April 2017 partner to address consumer, commercial and military markets with our technology” – Sumit Sharma                 

This should provide plenty of context for the IVAS theory.  I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say that the IVAS/MSFT/MVIS link is no longer debatable.  IVAS will have a fundamental impact on MVIS revenues in the near future.


Thank you, take care, and God bless!!