The Gator Traders LLC is a place for investors and traders to come together and talk about ideas, learn technical analysis skills, and profit together as a tight-knit community.  Gator Traders LLC is primarily focused on gathering and dispensing information for technical analysis but also has a team dedicated to researching individual companies as well.  The Gator Traders community spans across social media on Discord, StockTwits, and of course the blog here on the website.

The base of operations for Gator Traders LLC is Discord.  It offers a free community organized by tickers and other useful channels.  There is no obligation to purchase a premium plan to enjoy most of what Gator Traders LLC has to offer.  There is a premium section that offers ‘next level’ tutorials on technical analysis, details of my personal watchlist with entry and exit targets, premium only Zoom meetings weekly where we break down the charts on requested tickers and do live-action analysis, and an assortment of other useful rooms and information by contributing members of the premium community.

Gator Traders LLC provides public YouTube videos at https://www.youtube.com/c/gatortraders and a blog here on this website.  Check both out to see what I’m up to and the charting techniques that I use.  I do not do things like everyone else.  You’ll find something much more scientific, logical, and (in my opinion and experience) effective with the analysis techniques that I deploy.

It’s important to note that Gator Traders LLC does not offer trading advice nor does it offer buy or sell signals for stocks.  This is not a “do as I do” arrangement.  I focus primarily on providing good information and techniques to help you become a more effective trader, develop your own style and strategy, and assist with helping members develop skills for risk management and profitability.  I’m not here to promise 1,000% runs and multi-million dollar returns.  That is a fictitious and unrealistic promise.  I personally shoot for 10-20% profits consistently based on a scientific method type approach to trading with a good risk to reward ratio prior to entering any trade.

Gator Traders LLC Discord also provides a home for Chartology, run by none other than Chris197 from StockTwits.  Chartology is a popular YouTube channel and Chris brings a lot of life and character to analysis.  Chartology is separate from Gator Traders LLC and provides some great calls on price movements as well.  Chartology members and followers are a welcome addition the Gator Traders LLC community.  You can check out what Chris has to offer at https://www.patreon.com/chartology.

Good luck and God bless!